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Thread: Thunderbird Aftermath

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    Thunderbird Aftermath

    I read the hype about Thunderbird becoming 11.10's default email program and decided to give it another try. I abandoned it a couple of years ago because I could never get Thunderbird's Lightning add-on to work. So, I tried installing again under 11.04. Nothing ever worked. Thunderbird made one initial connection to my ISP's email server and failed every attempt afterward. Lightning never installed. Versions weren't compatible, so it said. So, I uninstalled Thunderbird.

    But, now, my whole system is herky-jerky. EVERYTHING is slow, screen blacks out when I scroll, hard disk seems in a continuous whirl most of the time, can't effectively run any application. . .browsers, Evolution, LibreOffice, etc.

    Made sure Thunderbird was completely gone from file directories and re-installed Evolution. Made no difference.

    Obviously won't be going with default Thunderbird on 11.10. Thunderbird and Thunderbird Lightning don't live up to the Ubuntu standard: "It just works."

    Any thoughts, recommendations on getting my system back?


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    Re: Thunderbird Aftermath

    Hm..., how exactly does your experience with 11.04 + Thunderbird bear on 11.10 + Thunderbird? If you are curious about the latter combination, test it, and if you want things fixed, file bug reports. Testing something else doesn't really make sense.

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    Re: Thunderbird Aftermath

    hmmm, I am using TB in many different versions on different os and all works.

    On ubuntu I had so far no problems with it, when installing from the ubuntu repository. This may not give always the most new version, but it works fine. Lightning and other extensions do work well, I use also enigmail with gpg and few other small extensions.

    At the moment I have systems 10.04, still one 9.04, two 10.10 and one 11.04 x64 plus portable version (windows) on usb stick which also works fine on wine, provided the usbmount feature is not installed.

    I use the TB mainly for pop/smtp, but have one setup for IMAP too, works fine.

    Sometime I met problems with extensions, where after update of TB there was for some time no version of the extension avaiable. In such case one has to wait few days weeks.

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