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Thread: Recently did an HP-update and dual-boot broke

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    Recently did an HP-update and dual-boot broke

    I have an HP Pavilion dv6. I set it up for dual boot between the stock Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 (which was very easy thanks to Ubuntu's smart installer.) It worked great for months.

    A couple of days ago HP's updater installed one or more software updates to the windows side. After that, Windows fails to boot (Ubuntu is fine).

    I restore the laptop to it's factory condition using the HP restore disks. (I back up, so data loss isn't an issue.) I update windows (over and over and over), Norton 360, AND run all of the HP updates, and windows still boots fine. But when I install Ubuntu dual-boot again, Windows stops booting.

    My best (wild) guess is some sort of incompatibility between Grub2 and whatever HP's updater did (possibly something related to power management.)

    I dread trying to talk to HP about Linux, so I thought I would check here first. Is anyone else running dual-boot on a Pavilion dv6 or similar? Have you seen this? Is there a known fix?

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    Wink Re: Recently did an HP-update and dual-boot broke

    could try rebuilding boot loader...

    did the trick for me once i did dual boot with ubuntu (ubuntu as last install after windows as windows was my main OS at the time)

    Linux box is better than a woman because when you screw up with it, at least you get an error message!

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