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Thread: Unable to get two ATI Radeon HD 5700 cards working across 3 monitors

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    Unable to get two ATI Radeon HD 5700 cards working across 3 monitors

    I am unable to get everything working under ubuntu 11.04. I have tried both the default restricted drivers, as well as the latest and greatest drivers from the ATI website (which I don't reccomend, they caused my computer to reboot and give me "sync overflow errors" at my bios screen.

    I am able to get all 3 monitors detected, but soon as I enable xinerama I start getting black screens.

    Reproduce (from memory):
    Fresh 11.04 install
    aticonfig --adapter=all --initial=dual-head
    Open ati catalyst, turn on xinemara

    Screen does not turn on once I log out and log back in and the mouse doesn't move either, just black screens. At that point I can ALT+CTRL+F1 into a terminal and reset my xorg/reboot and get back to ground zero.

    My setup:
    Radeon HD 5700 x2
    1 x 24 inch led on hdmi
    2 x 22 inch led on vdi

    Less relevant system specs, 8gigz ram, AMD Phenom, good specs

    Has anyone had luck with a ati 2 card 3 monitor setup?


    At this point after all the fuss with the ATI Drivers I experienced, specially the drivers from their website crashing my system, I am open to buying any recommended nvidia cards people have working easily in 3 monitor setup.
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