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Thread: Open-source NHS IT project

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    Open-source NHS IT project

    For those of you who are in the u.k. - I thought I'd start a petition to get the government to fund and open-source NHS IT project to service the IT needs of NHS hospitals. Tell me what you think, and if you're keen, vote here:



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    Re: Open-source NHS IT project

    Would love to sign it, but for personal reasons, I am not giving my address-great idea, all the best.

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    Re: Open-source NHS IT project

    You can make up an address if you so desire. You only need a email address to validate your signing.

    However there is a lack of Open Source professionals in the market. Most of the IT professionals i know struggle with windows let alone Linux or anything else.

    The cost of training and finding people qualified to provide administration and support would be more expensive than the licensing for proprietary software IMO.

    Also the security concerns are great due to HIPAA and though Linux is more secure out of the box, the controls for Desktop environments, Kiosk style lock downs etc require greater skill and experience from the administrator.

    Sadly Windows has its place as far as a Desktop Environment is concerned, as far as Servers are concerned alot of NHS establishments run Linux/Unix already.
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