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Thread: Query about partition formmatting.

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    Post Query about partition formmatting.

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to ask a question about formatting hard drives.
    I have an external 1.5TB hard drive that i need to change to FAT32 format, but have nothing big enough to back up the data already on it. I would like to ask if the 'change partition type' feature in Ubuntu's Disk Utility would keep the data on my hard drive, or erase it all like a normal format.
    If not i will have to find another way to backup the data.
    I apologise if this is in the wrong topic, it was the only one that fitted
    Thank you in advance .
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    Re: Query about partition formmatting.

    If you do anything to the partition, or format the drive, all your data will be lost. Perhaps you need to buy a second external drive. (That would let you have off-site backup, so your stuff would be OK even if your home has a catastrophe.)

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    Re: Query about partition formmatting.

    Reformats erase the data. I have heard of some tools that may convert from FAT to NTFS but anything of that type is very high risk and of course you have to have a good backup.

    Why changing to FAT32? It is less reliable than NTFS or any Linux format. It will not hold a file over 4GB and will just truncate it without worning.

    NTFS and Fat info:
    FAT 4GB max & no journaling
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    Post Re: Query about partition formmatting.

    Thank you for the answers .
    I wanted to use the hard drive as a media device for my PS3, however the PS3 is only compatible with FAT formats (unless hacked).
    I have an 8GB memory stick that I can use instead, it's is just a pain to have to use the computer to transfer files before watching/playing on the PS3.
    I gave the feature in Ubuntu's Disk Utility a try, and it didn't remove any data, however the PS3 still wouldn't read it and my computer wouldn't detect the hard drive when I plugged it back into my computer. It is working now though, I completely unplugged and therefore powered down the hard drive and when I plugged it back in it worked.
    I guess I will have to use my memory stick for now until i find another method.
    I would again like to thank everyone for the answers .

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