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Thread: Need translations for a new Open Social Network

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    Post Need translations for a new Open Social Network over XMPP


    My name is Vincent, i live in France. I help to develop Movim, an internationnal social network, it haven't the goal to be a concurrent against Facebook but to purpose a free and decentralized alternative, in respect to Free Software philosophy.

    I invite you to discover our project : (it's still in development).

    How to contribute ?

    We need translators : we wish to be understandable in as many languages as possible, and even in some dialects for each country !

    So we think to purpose Movim in your language (or in the dialect of your choice) could permit to enlarge the diffusion of this new Social Network.

    Are you motivated ? Good !

    If you have the courage to translate everything it would be perfect, but i'll be happy if you try to translate Movim

    Thanks for your valuable contribution.

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