After a bit of exploring and testing I decided I prefered clawes mail to the others. Unfortunately that leaves me without a full sized calendar/todo . After some more searching I decided that I like the KDEpim so I'm using KOrganizer. Of course I can't figure out how to sync my calendar up with my iPhone 3GS. I have gotten Google calendar involved and it now syncs with the iPhone, but I still can't figure out how to sync that into KOrganizer. The new google sync information offers Outlook and Sunbird. I know that CalDAV is also available since that is how it syncs with the iPhone.

I HAVE NO PLANS TO JAILBREAK MY iPHONE to accomplish this! So please don't refer me to the many techniques and apps that work if you do.

Can anyone tell me how to sync google calendar (possibly contacts) into any app other than Evolution? I haven't uninstalled Evolution yet, but I really found it didn't suite my needs at all so am hoping to remove soon as I figure out how to do this without it.

I know that the droid phones generally sync via google....but I never found documentation on how to do that with anything other than evolution.

Thanks in advance!