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Thread: wget to access my credit card online

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    wget to access my credit card online

    wget, I am interested in making wget do a slightly different function for me. I have downloaded it, built it (1.12) and it works perfectly right out of the box.

    I would like to have it login to my https website, give my user id, my password and "select NEXT-SCREEN label=Account Activity", then capture the account activity that returns.

    I got these three values in my firefox Selenium script that runs perfectly time after time.

    My big picture goal, is to be able, on a crontab, to dump my account activity every night at midnight.

    I am not married to this idea if anyone has a better or different route.

    Thanks, Bradshaw to any helpers!

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    Re: wget to access my credit card online

    sounds like you should investigate curl and give up on wget. i'm pretty sure curl will do what you want.

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