I'm seriously considering an iPod Touch 3rd Generation. I intend to use it for:
  • Quicken - syncing with Quicken on a Win 7 PC
  • As a Day Planner - syncing with a Win 7 PC
  • Chess
  • A German/English dictionary
  • A regular English dictionary
  • Playing Music -- Syncing with an Ubuntu 8.04 PC & Amarok 1.4

My music collection on my Ubuntu PC is all either MP3 or OGG files. I prefer the OGG format and use it if I have a choice. Will the Touch 3rd Gen accept and play OGG? Will Amarok be able to get music over to it?

If the Touch can't play OGG, I do have a Linux app that converts to MP3 that I could use. That's a plan B, though. I would much prefer the handheld to be able to play OGGs.

The most important things I'm doing are the first two on the list, but the playing of music would be nice. I haven't bought the handheld yet. I'm trying to determine of the Touch 3rd Gen is right for me. I can get one for around $150 -- that's about my budget. Perhaps I should also consider some type of Android device? I don't mind buying slightly older technology if it meets my needs. I'm using a Palm Treo 650 (as a PDA -- no phone service) now, but it is too old at this point. It's time to upgrade to something, but the upgrade doesn't have to be the latest and greatest. Wanna get something for around $150.

Btw, I might also upgrade my Ubuntu version and Amarok at some point if it's worth it.