I'm sure we all play free software/open source games, I myself have been enjoying Freedoom. What about actual games you can buy, like the kind in stores? One rule, using Wine does NOT count, it has to be native. Source ports, count though.

I recently bought Ultimate Doom on my Windows partition as a digital download. Thanks to PrBoom, I'm happily enjoying the classic on my Ubuntu partition. I also own a Windows copy of Quake 3, and I'm using ioquake3 to play it.

I also own Doom 3 and Quake 4 for Windows (heh, I'm an id fan ) and I know id provides binaries for Linux, though you need a Windows copy. I haven't played them since my desktop broke. My laptop has an Intel GMA965, though I did try Doom 3 on it.

Just wondering, does anyone else play any "bought" games on Ubuntu? I'm curious and I'd like to know what other games were made to be Linux compatible. 8)