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Thread: Master Kernel Thread

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    Re: Master Kernel Thread

    Updated/compiled the kernal using KernalCheck to the latest version ( I think it is and when I rebooted I get a nongraphical tty interface. During the compiling I was told that my nvidia drivers would not work and would have to be reinstalled. I am able to boot into a graphical interface by choosing an older kernal(and I updated the nvidia drivers then).
    One other thing, I notice if I go into Ubuntu Tweak and go into clean up old kernals that neither the of the two new kernals that appear on my grub menu are there, only the old kernals that were there before the new kernals were added.
    I apologize for the lack of detail I probably should not have used KernalCheck without fully understanding what the implications of changing the kernal might be.
    If the simple solution is to roll back to an earlier version of the kernal and delete perhaps someone could offer some guidance in how to do that. does not seem to work; if I mark it for removal in Synaptic will that correct my problem?
    Thanks in advance
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