Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

My wife's Lenovo S10-3t netbook has worked, generally, great under Ubuntu. It's running 11.04, and a funny thing started happening about two days ago: the webcam stopped working. We've been skype-ing a lot, and all of a sudden, when we click 'start my video' on a call, nothing.

For clarification, we're talking about an integrated 1.3MP camera that comes built into the netbook.

I have tried Camorama and Cheese, and both give me the following error: "Could not connect to /dev/video0". A lot of the threads I've consulted have to do with USB cameras, not built-in cameras.

So, my question, I suppose, is: How do I create a /dev/video0 file with the correct configurations? Or, How do I, essentially, find the correct package for the webcam on my computer?

The only thing I can think of is completely reinstalling Ubuntu, which tells me that I am out of my league and desperate, and would greatly appreciate help!