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Thread: Flash Fonts in Eeebuntu3 are messed up

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    Flash Fonts in Eeebuntu3 are messed up

    I have an Asus 1000 running eeebuntu3. I've tried to use a flash chatroom (the site uses 123flashchat) but my fonts are screwy. I've reinstalled flash and removed some fonts, but to no avail. Haven't tried other flash chat sites cuz I don't know of any right offhand.

    While I'm in the chatroom, what I type uses some kind of symbol font. When I leave the chatroom and come back in. I can see what I wrote correctly displayed.

    Here's a screenshot:

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    Re: Flash Fonts in Eeebuntu3 are messed up

    Try Flash 11 Beta. you can install it with Flash-Aid.

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