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Thread: FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?

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    Smile FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?

    Earlier this week, I wrote to Amazon regarding their download manager.

    I know that some download managers are seen as having little value, but I must say that I am impressed by Amazon on this one, not least because is validates the awareness of Linux users, and cross platform systems.

    The Amazon MP3 downloader is simple yet effective, and I have tried with a number of tracks, and it works like a charm. the best bit? DRM-free downloads. That's one thumb up.

    To get the other, we need lossless, open source downloads on offer. I put this to Amazon, and got a surprisingly honest and open reply.

    I've posted it at this article:
    Amazon's Response to lossless Downloads

    Very impressed Amazon !

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    Re: FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?

    hardy surprising, the response...And chances are they won't offer flac UNTIL that format is more widely supported by DAPs/mp3 players. Besides, lossless downloads require a lot more bandwidth, which means they'd need to beef up their servers ($$)

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    Re: FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?

    I'd guess Amazon will only start to offer FLAC when enough people care about the quality of the audio reproduction. Lots of software, available on more or less all computers as well as on low to high-end audiophile streamers play FLAC. It is the default studio recording format after all.

    But many people listen to their music using equipment that doesn't reproduce music well, and listen to it in noisy environments; high fidelity music played through low fidelity headphones, decoded with low fidelity DACs just doesn't make any sense. And then, of course, much of the best selling music in any given week isn't recorded that well in the first place...

    But for those on the hunt for high fidelity music there are a number of sources now, including some of the smaller labels selling direct, or new ways of buying/funding music. So try HDTracks, The Society of Sound or Linn Records; there are others.

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    Re: FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?

    Apple in talks to improve sound quality of music downloads

    This is very interesting. 1st you make a device to transport music. 2nd you kill music. 3rd now try to improve quality? WOW......

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    Question Re: FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?


    What do you mean by "transport music"? I could sit in a car playing a guitar and transport music. Nobody killed music. Are you mad because the big music companies aren't making as much money any more? Get over it. If they aren't, it's because they are too conservative with their business models.

    And you think that trying to improve quality is unusual? Don't we (humans) attempt to increase the quality and/or efficiency of literally almost every piece of technology that ever existed?

    You are one confused person.
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    Re: FLAC downloads, lossless downloads from Amazon?

    This is great and if enough people shout about it, it can be achieved.

    These days I buy vinyl and invariably they come with a "free" download. Unfortunately most record companies offer only mp3s.

    Kudos to sideonedummy though who do offer flac.

    Things like this can be achieved. I once bought a cling wrapped record that had a sticker (beneath the wrapping) stating

    "Includes a free mp3 download!"

    I got it home, went to the download page and was informed that because my ip address was from outside the USA I wasn't able to download the music.

    Many emails and polite threats of UK consumer protection laws later, Columbia records have now made their downloads available (if not worldwide, idk) available at least in Europe.

    The point is, if people want it, companies will offer it.

    Off to email Amazon.........

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