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    External and internal microphones are recording my voice with scratchy sound using in-built sound recorder program or Skype just like in example downloaded from the link below:
    PulseAudio input is used and don't know how to make those two programs use "HDA SIS966: ALC660-VD Analog (hw:0,0)" audio input and output which are working flawlessly when i record my voice in "Audacity" program version 1.3.12-beta with interface host set to ALSA just like in the MP3 sound example downloaded from the link below:
    When setting "Audacity" playback and recording to default it is still good but not perfect because of little scratching like in the example below:
    Same scratchy problem are encountered in Windows VIsta and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit but without the apropriate drivers.
    I'm using ASUS X59SR-AP022 Notebook for over two years now and here are Ubuntu 10.04.2 informations from console command "alsamixer" below:
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