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Thread: slow wifi on 1015pn eeepc

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    slow wifi on 1015pn eeepc

    ok, so i've installed 11.04 via usb flash drive and all went well.

    everything hardware related was detected and installed w/o a prob.
    however, my wireless (and wired tbh) is VERY slow.

    router: apple airport extreme router a/b/g/n
    computer: asus eeepc 1015pn w/ STA drivers.
    wireless chipset: broadcom 4313

    now, i've done my hw already and googled other ppl's problems related to the wireless, but they are all running different wireless chipsets than i am. can anyone help me out here? i know i should be dl'ing/ul'ing a LOT faster than this, and my only gripe with this system, everything else is GREAT! <3 11.04 so far.

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    Re: slow wifi on 1015pn eeepc

    I've got exactly the same problem. I tried using different routers such as a D-link DIR-615 and a Linksys E1200 and it works perfecly. Only the Airport Extreme is slow. I know it's not a routers problem cause it works perfectly on my macbook pro and on my Windows PC. Only Ubuntu makes it slow. Is it a drivers problem?

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