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Thread: EP 1.6 cannot recover from suspend on Lenovo S10-3

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    EP 1.6 cannot recover from suspend on Lenovo S10-3

    After going to sleep mode my netbook cannot resume. I can give the following information:

    The netbook suspends normally. The disk and cooler get quiet, the indicator lamps turn off.
    After pressing any key it tries to resume, the indicator lamps light up.
    The disk is working for a second, then stops.
    The cooler is working heavily all the time.
    CAPS LOCK doesn't work, WiFi button doesn't work.

    Interesting investigation:
    When I start pressing all the buttons on keyboard, also Quick-start button and OneKeyRescue button (these are special buttons for lenovo notebooks only) the notebook starts working after some time. First (in 2 minutes) the screen turns gray. Then I press the buttons again and in a minute or two the notebook completely resumes.

    I can't tell exactly which buttons cause the resume, I can test it if you need.

    When I installed lubuntu 11.04, I've had the same problem.
    4 hours of browsing forums and trying different things didn't t help me. So now I reinstalled EP to cancel my changes.
    The only think I can do is disabling suspend.

    Some Fn buttons also don't work, for example touchpad switch-off.
    Thank you for taking this bugreport into consideration.

    Should I provide you any log files? I'd like to help you with that

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    Re: EP 1.6 cannot recover from suspend on Lenovo S10-3

    You might try opening a terminal and typing "dmesg". It might be a lengthy file but you could see if there are any messages that indicate errors or failures. If you want to post the output here, a good way might be to copy from terminal, click on the "#" in the reply box then copy the text between the code tags. You might need to modify one or more lines in GRUB but I'm not knowledgeable there.

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