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Thread: Thread Killer's Refuge Thread.

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    Thread Killer's Refuge Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by kaboodle_fish View Post
    You know, you post a reply in a thread and then it just dies. No-one responds and you are left with that feeling that you killed the thread!

    Are you a thread killer?
    Did you post genuinely hoping for a decent response? Has it been at least a week? The thread is dead and it's not what you meant. We feel for ya, counsellors are standing by to provide therapy; Mind you, the therapy can range from a pat on the back through to a slap in the face

    This is by no means a challenge to kill any thread, any where. If your pleasure is destroying threads that could have been 'nice' without your input then your gloating crap post about doing that belongs in another thread - Start your own, might I suggest you call it "The Ultimate losers Thread"?
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    If this is a game thread and you are going to post I hope you have read the Original Post.

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    Re: Thread Killer's Refuge Thread.

    What a load of twallop - enough crock to be worthy of a permanent place where only a proctologist could communicate with you.

    Is this your bid for membership, or even staff status, of some forum or other?

    You want to kill a thread?

    Start one in the RC and hibernate until you get a response.
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