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Thread: QJoyPad doesn't work after reopening it

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    posted this in the wrong category, how can i delete this thread?

    I hope someone knows something about how this program works.
    Every time I close Qjoypad and then open it again I have to re set all of the controls. It won't load up the profiles I have made.
    It is so dam annoying.
    It says in several pop up windows:
    Error Reading Button 4
    Error Reading definition for joystick 0

    In my other profiles it also says error reading axis 3.

    I know in my most recent not working profiles, button 4 is the windows key. <Super> I guess its called. When I map it to a key it doesn't show up as a key in qjoypad but the button still works. until I close and open joypad ofcourse.
    Any ideas anyone?
    Does anyone know where the profiles are stored so I can manually edit them?
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