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Thread: star5 stability problems on 64-bit

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    star5 stability problems on 64-bit

    I tried installing KDE on my new star5 to try out the netbook interface, but it gave me a bunch of trouble, and even Gnome was giving me problems after switching back. I tried reinstalling Ubuntu, but I discovered that the desktop image of 64-bit Natty consistently gives me a kernel panic (with a big debugging trace about spinlocks and such) when trying to do the install.

    The alternate installation CD works fine and gets my system back to the state I started in, but the kernel panic concerns me. I discovered that 10.04-netbook (which is 32-bit) seems to have no problems, so I tried the desktop image of 32-bit Natty, which seems to be working just fine right now. Hopefully issues won't crop up in the next few days...

    So just a heads-up - I'm not sure 64-bit Natty and the star5 are agreeable right now. I'm not sure if my issues after installing KDE were related to this or not. (The mouse would often stop accepting clicks after the first, which I'm pretty sure was some kind of software glitch rather than hardware.)

    System76 devs, could you try running the desktop installer on a star5 to see if you have the same problem?

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    Re: star5 stability problems on 64-bit

    We actually don't have a Star5 in the shop right now, as I believe it's out for the moment. As soon as it gets back I'll have a look.
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