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Thread: Can I access a computer with no monitor?

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    Re: Can I access a computer with no monitor?

    Quote Originally Posted by tredegar View Post

    Easiest way to connect it is to connect it to your router with an ethernet cable (you might have to move it close to the router).
    Boot, and you should be connected to your LAN / the internet.

    Your router can tell you what LAN IP it has assigned to the desktop. You will need to know this. Check by logging into your router from the laptop, and getting it to list the connected devices.

    If the desktop is not listed as connected:

    Login to your desktop as yourself. Type
    sudo dhclient eth0
    Give your password
    Press return
    Wait a minute, then try
    sudo apt-get install openssh-server espeak
    Give your password
    Press return
    Watch your router's lights they should indicate something is happening.
    Wait a few minutes
    See if espeak was installed (I like that idea!)
    echo hello | espeak
    If it was, then the openssh-server should be there as well. Remember, your volume may be turned down too low for you to hear anything, so silence does not necessarily mean "fail".

    Now try connecting from your laptop with ssh. You must do this once before you can use sftp and nautilus to connect.
    What's the not-easy way? (I lost my Ethernet cables aeons ago..) If it helps I can easily get my routers mac address or essid from my laptop.
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