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Thread: A brief word from a new System76 customer

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    A brief word from a new System76 customer

    I just wanted to express my appreciation so far with the people at System76.

    I recently ordered a Lemur (for my gf) and a Serval (for myself). These were pretty significant purchases for me, and they happily answered every question I had leading up to the big decision.

    Last Friday (a week ago today) the lemur arrived (to my unsuspecting girlfriend's elation - she's wanted a lemur badly but had no idea she was getting one), and this past Tuesday my serval arrived.

    I don't want to create any unfair expectations for future customers, but both of them shipped quicker than I expected. Maybe we got lucky, but that was awesome.

    Since receiving our computers, we've had various little quirks, tweaks, and learning curves to deal with...nothing wrong with the computers (just us lol), but the upshot is that we found ourselves contacting System76 several times over the past week (via phone and email). It's usually Ian and once it was Tom. Both have been very helpful and accommodating. Every question and issue has been met with friendliness, patience, and clarity.

    The reputation of the company was definitely among handful of big reasons we chose System76, and they have not disappointed. Compared to how some of these other companies out there treat customers, I have to give a big endorsement and thumbs-up to these guys!

    And the machines are fantastic!

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    Re: A brief word from a new System76 customer

    Anecdotal to be sure, but mine also arrived much earlier than expected. Perhaps they just over-estimate the shipping time so that if something goes wrong, it's no skin off their back, and if everything goes right, customers like us are more happy than normal?

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    Re: A brief word from a new System76 customer


    good to know that Linux vendors are so great!
    I hope more companies follow their path..

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    Re: A brief word from a new System76 customer

    Thank you for the kind words.
    To err is human, to forgive is very ... dog-like.

    Thomas Aaron
    FetchMasters, LLC

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