In the Unity desktop pressing the Super/Win key or clicking on the Unbuntu logo at the top-left corner of the screen opens the Dash, where you search for applications that are not graphically listed. Starting today, I can no longer enter any text in the Unity Dash search dialog window, effectively disabling a quick search.

I have seen a bug report for this

but it's listed as low priority. Now I am trying to give Unity an honest effort to adapt to it, and I don't think this broken feature is a low priority, since it's one of the immediate methods for locating tools that are not displayed. I would prefer to see full menus by default, and not have my selection dumbed-down or pretty-fied for me. A broken search makes Unity even harder to adjust to.

Is anyone else having this symptom or know a fix? Don't suggest alternate ways to find my tools. I know what they are. The Dash quick search is supposed to be the "convenient" method. Yeah, and I know I can always revert to "Unbuntu Classic." But that will go away with Oneiric, so I'm trying to get used to Unity.