Apologies for posting on this topic (SiS Mirage Graphics cards ) I know there have been a lot of things said already, but I didn't really find anything satisfying.

Essentially I want to know if I will ever get Ubuntu 11.04 to let me use 2 monitors, the 2nd monitor is from Dell and works perfectly on my acer netbook also running Ubuntu 11.04. The easynote however doesn't recognize it.All I can get is an image that is too big for the screen and at a low resolution.

I have seen lots of old threads pointing towards SiS drivers, but I am reluctant to get too deep into playing, as I am quite new to linux and I suspect that they won't solve anything (especially as the laptop screen claims it is working at 1024 by 768 and most of posts were for being stuck at 800 by 600 or 3D drivers).


SiS mirage graphics driver video