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Thread: GDM asking for password without end :-(

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    Unhappy GDM asking for password without end :-(


    I found Mythbuntu as a perfect solution for my media center. I installed it and now I'm trying to make it work.
    But after booting, it shows me the login prompt (although autologin is activated). If I put a wrong password, it states that it is wrong. If I put the right one, the screen becomes black and then the login prompt comes back without any message.
    I tried to login about 30 times without success.

    When I'm logged on a tty, the login list on GDM even shows me a green dot stating that I'm already logged in, but it doesn't work better.

    The only "solution" I could find was to logout from GDM, go back to tty and launch sudo startx. Then I can find the MythTV frontend from the menu.

    Could someone help me fixing that problem ?

    Thanks !


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    Re: GDM asking for password without end :-(

    It sounds to me like X is crashing after it gets logged in.

    Can you see anything about crashes in /var/log/Xorg.0.log /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old dmesg or /var/log/syslog?

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    Re: GDM asking for password without end :-(

    I am not firing on all cylinders today, so I am not sure this will help... I once had a similar problem, and if memory serves, I deleted the ICEauthority file... I just can't remember currently where it hides!

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    Re: GDM asking for password without end :-(

    Disabling composite via
    nvidia-xconfig --no-composite
    did the thing for me (surely this works only with a nvidia card and the nvidia driver).


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