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Thread: Mythbuntu frontend won't play videos

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    Mythbuntu frontend won't play videos

    My mythbuntu frontend will not play videos (I have tried .mp4 and .mkv). VLC will play the video outside of the frontend perfectly, but when I go into the frontend and try to play it, the computer will lock up for 5 seconds then go back to the frontend. I have tried switching the player to VLC, and when I do that I see VLC pop up quickly in the background and then disappear again. I have an older mythbuntu setup that works great, but I'm building a new server so I used Mythbuntu 11.04. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    My video card is an 8800 GTS 640 MB.

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    Re: Mythbuntu frontend won't play videos

    you need to tell us what version of mythtv you are using, and what your mythfrontend.log file says when you try to play a video.


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