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Thread: HOWTO: Install Cups-PDF

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    HOWTO: Install Cups-PDF


    Thanks to everyone from this thread for all their guidance. The sticking point in this whole process is that you need to be root to edit the permissions on the executable.

    1. Install the cups-pdf package (I used version 2.2.0-1)
    2. Go to System -> Administration -> Printing
    3. Doubleclick "New Pinter"
    4. Notice that there is no mention of a CUPS PDF printer
    5. Open a terminal and tpe "sudo nautilus" and then your password
    6. Go to Filesystem -> usr -> lib -> cups -> backend
    7. Rightclick "cups-pdf" and select Properties
    8. Go to the Permissions tab and click the "Set user ID" special flag
    9. Again try to add a new printer
    10. There is now a "PDF Printer" detected, select it
    11. Select the Generic, Postscript Color Printer (Rev 3b)
    12. Give it a name, like PDF Printer
    13. Right click on the newly created printer, and select Properties
    14. Click "Print a Test Page"
    15. The file should be in your Home folder, under the PDF folder
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