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Thread: System restarts

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    Angry System restarts

    This is my first time writing in the forums, and unfortunately is because I have a problem with my computer.

    I'm running 11.04 in an Asus 1015PEM, I originally had 10.10 and updated to 11.04. Until now I didn't had any problems, but recently, the OS is restarting on its own randomly. As commented on other forums, I checked if it was a temperature problem. It wasn't. Sensors put it between 64 C and 68 C, below critical temperature.

    A friend of mine who uses 11.04 also, checked if it was a broken directory, which happened, and he seemed to fix it. But the problem continuous.

    I don't know what else to do, because it's really interfering with my daily life, as I use my computer A LOT.

    Please Help.

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    Re: System restarts

    If it's a upgrade, try backing up all your data and re-install using a desktop cd.
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    Re: System restarts

    check your ram with memtest86+, and check your logs just after the reboot occurs.
    are you on a UPS, and have you ever noticed odd issues with your utility power?
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