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Thread: Running Ubuntu on Intel 64

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    Running Ubuntu on Intel 64

    Ubuntu 64 bit version is called "ubuntu-amd64.iso".It is so much confusing.Will it run only on AMD 64bit processor based system or will it run on Intel 64bit processor also?What it means?Is it means the AMD 64bit Architecture or AMD processor?If it supports Intel 64bit processor then will any problem occur on Intel based computer?I have Intel core2duo processor.And I want to download "ubuntu-11.04-dvd-amd64.iso".Can I use this on my Intel core2duo 2.2ghz (E4500)processor.

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    Re: Running Ubuntu on Intel 64

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    Re: Running Ubuntu on Intel 64

    I'm pretty sure the *amd64.iso's are intended for any 64 bit x86 based architecture, including Intel.

    How it runs on your specific processor, is a different question, but it's where I would start. (FYI, I'm running the 64 bit iso on a Intel 64 bit i3 sandybridge processor, no problems so far.)

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