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Thread: 11.10 Live CD on iMac G5 freezes

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    11.10 Live CD on iMac G5 freezes

    Hey everyone. I have a 20" 2.0 GHz iMac G5 Rev B and I'm trying to boot the live CD on it. I used to have a small ubuntu partition before on this computer, but I repartitioned it to OS X only when I left it as a family computer. I had no problems with it back then (I think it was 10.04).

    I've tried booting with several options. Booting by typing in live or live-powerpc64 get the computer to a blue screen with the top bar and cursor, before the cursor stops moving, the computer freezes, and the fans kick up to full. Trying with video=ofonly gets the new left bar thingy to show but freezes as soon as I try to click anything.

    Does anyone have a working installation of this, or a workaround? I find it odd that an old version worked perfectly but the new version won't boot. Thanks.

    edit: sorry I meant 11.04.

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    Re: 11.10 Live CD on iMac G5 freezes

    I found that 11.04 live CDs run the fans on PPC and crash a lot, whereas 10.10 worked fine. It sounds like if you are getting the 'left bar thingy' then you are getting some, buggy, operation from the nouveau 3D drivers, which could well be the problem causing the freezes.

    I would try a 10.10 live CD first. That should work nicely. If you CBA with that, then a 11.04 alternate install CD and dive in to an installation. Type '' at the mirror prompt and let it finish. Install unity-2d-default settings, then do a search here for my unity-2d deb patches to get the colours right.

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