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Thread: Any recommendations for: Ubuntu Server + NAS + GUI?

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    Any recommendations for: Ubuntu Server + NAS + GUI?

    I've awakened from the dark-side of the force and converted to Ubuntu (thank you).

    What configuration would you guys recommend for setting up and running a general NAS using the latest version of Ubuntu Server? I have an older Xeon Poweredge server and would like to provision it as a very general, very basic file/storage server.

    My goal is just to get 'green' as fast as possible and continue on with my work and focus on productivity for my job and family. Presently, I do not have a nice block of time that I'd normally would just love to dedicate into learning CLI in depth and with full confidence before deploying the server. So its not laziness so much as it is a necessity for me.

    The server will be (Private/SOHO) LAN only with no connection whatsoever to the cloud (either directly or indirectly). I will be taking advantage of the disk array on the server and using both RAID 0 and 1. Also, I would love to use the system in a 'headless' config and remote access into it via a windows and ubuntu workstation. Any suggestions along these lines is appreciated!

    I'd like the Ubuntu Server config to be as 'lightweight' and as simple to execute as possible. Again, just a simple dedicated storage system and not necessarily a mail, dns, firewall etc. server appliance.

    And although I know its not typically recommended (for security purposes) I'd like to possibly use a GUI as I am a very visual person. I am new to Ubuntu (a Windows convert) and learning CLI on other versions of Ubuntu. In the meantime I'd just like to get the server up and running kicking files back and forth to my windows and ubuntu workstation as fast as possible. All without having to crash course into the serious depths of CLI at this time.

    Given my preference for a GUI, I know many of you would recommend just installing a desktop version of Ubuntu for this purpose. However, before I go down that path I thought I'd just see what you guys had to say about the advantages of using an alternative configuration using Ubuntu Server Edition.

    Your thoughts?
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