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Thread: Installing UNR from 11.04 CD???

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    Installing UNR from 11.04 CD???

    I have a ASUS Eee PC 4gig hard drive space and 1 gig of ram...I have never used UNR and was wanting to give it a try..but I see no selection or anywhere in the installation process to select the installation of just goes on as if to install normal Ubuntu 11.04. Any ideas?

    I have an external CD/Dvd I created a UBUNTU 11.04 install disc.

    I have looked and this computer is compatible with Ubuntu.

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    Re: Installing UNR from 11.04 CD???

    Starting with Natty/11.04, there is not longer a separate install for UNR - instead Natty offers both the Unity and Classic on a single install and you can even choose with one you want to boot into:

    You can load Natty/11.04 and still use the 'Classic’ UI: Natty Info: Your UI options

    This s better for UNR users as now we all have the same install and more folks can help you of you need it.

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