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Yes I do, as it displays the album text just not the image. Here's that example path
~/Music/ogg/Константин - Константинополь -- Jamendo - OGG Vorbis q7 - 2011.03.20 [www.jamendo.com]
Would the above be a good example file path to an image that I could mock up? If not give me something to go on as far as cover art filepath for the copy

No promises as I have very little time available right now but I suspect it relates to the shutil utility which I use to copy the files...

These are the lines of code responsible for the copy:
                        self.logInfo("Copying coverart from %s to %s"%(self.musicData.coverart, self.options.coverartpath))
                        shutil.copy(self.musicData.coverart, self.options.coverartpath)
                        self.musicData.coverart = self.options.coverartpath                        
                        output = self.musicData.coverart
Maybe you could find an alternative to what is in red above if you are waiting for a proper fix from me?