Nice script!

I'm using ubuntu 11.04. I ran the script by marking as executable, double clicking on it and selecting run in terminal.
The script worked fine and I can run minecraft using dash, the icon on the desktop or by typing 'minecraft' in a terminal.

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Having a link there in unity and clicking it just makes the icon flash and then it does nothing.
I added a shortcut to the unity launcher (on the left) by dragging the desktop icon onto it, and minecraft ran the first time I clicked on it, but after closing minecraft, it stops working: If I click on the launcher it flashes, like ELD said, but nothing happens. Clicking again will do nothing either (until you log out and back in again).

I think this might be a bug in unity rather than the install script as I have experienced the same problem when clicking on other launcher items.

If you edit the minecraft main menu entry so that it is an 'application in terminal' it will always work but you will have to put up with two items in the launcher when you are playing minecraft (because the terminal comes up too).