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Thread: Suspend has insonia, Hibernation has a coma.

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    Suspend has insonia, Hibernation has a coma.

    11.04 PowerPC, G4 Quicksilver 800Mhz Radeon 7500:

    Have never been able to suspend but under 10.10 hibernation worked flawlessly, but under 11.04 when waking everything starts normal, up to where it should prompt for password, where it its with a blank screen, requiring a forced reboot.

    Any ideas on where to start?
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    Re: Suspend has insonia, Hibernation has a coma.

    I have the same problem. I have a Samsung X460

    The Narwhal update is the worst I have experienced for a very long time. I could not boot after the update due to video card incompatibility. Suspend does not work. I have all boot up eyecandy.

    Really disappointed.

    What logs are needed to help diagnose the problem?

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