Hello all! Just joined (not approved yet though). I live in North Eastern Ohio (not going to say where exactly), I'm 15, and my Launchpad name is Bryan C. I've been using Ubuntu since about mid-March. I know a decent amount about computers (more than enough to be dangerous ) and I plan to be a computer programmer, so I'll be a lot more dangerous in the future. I'm currently running a Dell Dimension 2400 with an Intel Celeron (2.4 GHz?) with a 40GB HD and I'm not sure how much RAM. I use Kubuntu 11.04. On a note about spreading Ubuntu (which is what this teams all about), I'm thinking of making a website called PromoteUbuntu.or. I'm only toying with the idea and I'm totally new to web building, so any advice/encouragement would be appreciated. If anyone new of any web templates in Ubuntu colors, that would be nice too. Glad to be here! Later.