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Thread: HOWTO: Make DVD Videos Using Tovid: The Video Disc Authoring Suite

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    Re: Howto: Make Dvd Videos From An Avi File

    Quote Originally Posted by squidward_tentacles
    PS I did make sure all the dependancies were installed before begining, and it DOES seem to work w/out the GUI, aka if I enter just "tovid", however as a recent convert from windows, I am a bit bewildered as how to run programs entirely from the command prompt, a GUI interface is highly desired. Well thanks in advance for your help
    Quote Originally Posted by QUASAR_FREAK
    Same problem here =/
    Well to answer both of your questions , here's the solution: Instead of just taking out the "Parser" part, delete this entire line from the file "tovidgui":
    # Import other tovid modules
    from libtovid import TDL, Parser, Project
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