Ill try to give some more precise directions of what worked for me because I had a hard time figuring it out myself. It would be great if somebody would try this to see if it is a reproducible workaround.

In mountmanager select USB Wizard in the tools menu.
Just press Next.
Choose Device to Configure
I left "Device is not Connected" selected (this was the only option available even though my drive was connected) and hit next.
Device Definition
Here I did a lot of guessing after reading the information about each field. Non of it is very clear, I expect many of these fields should need inputs specific to your usb drive if the inputs are required at all.
Device Name: I put "sdb2"
Vendor: I suspect this is an unnecessary field I put in "Western Digital" for the manufacturer of my drive.
Model: Again this may be unnecessary but I put in my drives model number. "WD10000S1H-00"
Subsystem: The information discusses two options here I put in "block"
Bus: "usb" as they say in the information.
Then press Next
Configure Device Mount Point

I set my mount point to "/media/testusb" I believe any location you specify would be fine.
Configure Auto Mounting Options
I set the filesystem to ext3 because there was no ext4 option then clicked next
Access Options
I just clicked next through this leaving the defaults
I just clicked finish to get through this.

Finally I unplugged my usb drive then plugged it back in, ubuntu automounted it to the unity launcher and I was able to delete the mount point I had added through mountmanager and remove the application entirely from my system.