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Thread: Missing Maximize/Minimize/Close icons, invisible cursor

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    Exclamation 11.04 Missing Maximize/Minimize/Close icons, invisible cursor

    I am new. I have installed recently a bunch of distros and settled with xubuntu 11.04 for my old laptop. Everything worked fine out of the box except some times wireless stopped working and the pc needed a restart. One of those times i restarted and because restart seemed unresponsive I clicked again but a problem tab poped up. Every time that i clicked restart, the pop up appeard I was forced to force shutdown.

    1. Maximize/Minimize/Close buttons are completly missing. Even windows settings (where you can unjust those buttons) does not work. It is blank.

    2. Cursor is invisible but when i click something appears , stays visible but the cursor is a different icon than before.

    3. other problems as well. I cannot move terminal etc...
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