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Thread: how many cores can Ubuntu defaultly support?

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    how many cores can Ubuntu defaultly support?

    years ago i found an article on LinuxJournal (between 3 or 5 years ago) saying a SGI machine were running with all 512 cores supported on the Linux which were installed there, which i assumed that any Linux installer from any live-cd, like from Ubuntu, would support all that. Recently, i found from forum feedback that all 4 cores from a Intel-i5 were not supported from Ubuntu (like from some recent iMac computers). All of this brings me some questions: how many cores are defaulty supported on Ubuntu, or on any Linux? how far is needed a special kernel module to have more kernels supported if needed? i think these questions are not unimportant, as we see we may have these processors with 512 cores or more, maybe sooner than in the next 10 years, and we know how fast 10 years goes...
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    Re: how many cores can Ubuntu defaultly support?

    The Linux kernel recently had an update to run on something like 4096 processor threads (so 2048 dual core CPU's, or 1024 dual core, HT CPU's).
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