I just have to tell everyone my install story.
I played around with the beta release of 11.04, and was looking forward to installing it on a new hard drive I bought for my laptop. First I have to tell you that I use Windows 7 for just a few things, but I won't go into details here on what they are.

OK, I started the install yesterday at 7am. (I already had the Win7 and Ubuntu 11.04 CD's in hand). Doing the Win7 first I booted with the Media answer a few question and let it do it's thing. After a few reboots I was at the welcome to Windows screen. Now the process of installing a few software packages and all the drivers for my laptop. (Had to download from Dells site). I had to keep rebooting the computer to complete the installs. While I was doing this Win7 was installing it own update. Every time I rebooted it took forever to go down and start up again. At this point I need to take a break, it was 12:30 and I had a 1 O'clock appointment. I continued again at 4:30, still on Window install, I still needed to install some plug-ins along with Firefox and LibreOffice. Again Windows did more update, Again I had to wait along time for reboots. While it was doing this I went and ate some supper, was really hungry by then.

OK, I finished up about 7pm, 12 hours later. Oh my, I forgot I still had to reinstall my files I backed up a couple of days ago. Now it was after 8pm. Gee, I have to install Ubuntu yet. About an hour later I had Ubuntu up and running with all my stuff reinstalled.

Now I know why people are moving away from Windows.

PS, My windows did not setup my hardware very well, I needed to get all the drivers loaded and working. Ubuntu just did it all on it's own, The only hardware I am having a problem with is my Broadcom Wifi Card. I still do not have it working yet. I am plugged into the wire to get on the Internet.