I just upgraded to 11.04 today and am a little bothered by the new unity system. Don't really like it but I understand why they're making the transition and I figure it'll be fine once I get it tweaked the way I want it, tweaking it is the big thing. I've read a number of different articles and posts here and while I've gotten things *mostly* the way I want there is one big thing that bothers me... lack of menus. For things I use all the time like firefox I'm fine with having the big icon right there (and I really like having that), for things I rarely use the "search applications" is fine as well. However there are some applications (mostly games) that I don't use often enough to want to have them clutter up the unity dock individually but I also don't want to have to "search" for them or click on a number of different catagories to get too (dock, applications, drop-down, catagory of application, application - that's way too many clicks). What I really want is a menu system where I can click on an icon in the unity dock and have it show up a list of different applications of that type and of course from there allow me to select the one I want. Been looking around and while I can find the old classic "main menu" option in the settings it doesn't affect unity in any way and the unity settings doesn't have any way of doing so. Found a few things that recommended creating custom desktop files but I'm lazy and went lots of effort getting the menus the way I wanted them in the old version and these settings would *mostly* work with only a little customisation so I'd prefer to do that. Any one know how to do this?