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Thread: Breezy Badger Mascot Preview, please suggest!!

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    Breezy Badger Mascot Preview, please suggest!!

    Hey everyone,

    One thing that caught my eye was the mascot competition for breezy badger, and I thought I'd design a badger.... This seems like a much harder task, as badgers arent the most "photogenic" of animals, and seem to be quite hard to style-ize!!!

    Anyhow, here's my entry. I would be more than glad of any crits or comments, so as to improve my chances of success at being accepted!!!

    I thought I'd recycle my Medicine Mask , as noone has actually used it yet, and may even get some free advertising if it is accepted!!!

    here are some thoughts on it:
    I thought this badger was breezy, as in fresh, young, brisk, and full of life, bounding/prancing along…
    He is holding in his paws an ancient african medicine mask (aka ubuntu). By peeping out from behind it, he is showing a departure from old linux, or a new beginning for the ubuntu project, while he is still holding his “roots” firmly in his paws! He is bringing you ubuntu (as he is a DEVELOPER mascott). And he is bringing it on fast. He is looking into the sky, looking into the future. His jumping along makes him breezy.

    I hope you'll all be honest enough not to copy, but then others have posted theirs too so I thought I'd risk it...
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