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The functionality you mention is configurable and if your open application wasn't open full screen it wouldn't have done what you described.
Thanks for your reply. Currently I am just running the 'try' option so I can't install ccsm.
However, I did try the menu thing when the app was full screen.
I found that I had to click on the 'full screen' button (producing a smaller window as expected), then click on it again, to make the window full size. Then it was possible to select a second app. The process had to be repeated again for a third app - resizing and maximising again before another app. could be launched.
An alternative to 'resizing and maximising again' is to Alt-Tab once or twice, but it still seems like a bug to me. This shouldn't be necessary for 'out of the box' default settings.
I can imagine someone who is coming to Ubuntu for the first time being very frustrated with this.