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    Exclamation Samsung series 9

    From what I can gather I will be putting together a list of issues or problems with using Ubuntu on the new Samsung Series 9.

    *From what I have read, due to the Sandy Bridge processor, it is highly recommended you use Natty Narwhal (11.04)

    *Due to lack of Optical Drive, it is wise to use only the right USB port for bootable USB sticks, Ubuntu provides very thorough tutorial on steps to create it. From enough Googling, I found that Asus users have the same issues, it turns out there is only one USB port available to use for bootable media.

    Install Maverick Meerkat (10.10) first, since USB install on the current builds are borked (Grub will not install correctly). So far after running
    sudo update-manager -d
    Everything is superb and have not had any problems at all. This is amazing.

    *I have not heard anything about problems with the display at this time.

    Hibernate and Suspend
    Everything works fine except one thing, when it resumes from suspend, the brightness is set low, just use the Fn key to toggle it back, it should automatically re adjust back to where it was.

    *If you have a problem you can use the following method to enable right clicking:
    sudo su
    echo options psmouse proto=exps > /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.modprobe

    Go to System>Preferences>Mouse and select "TouchPad" Tab and select 2 finger scrolling and 2 finger right click.

    Keyboard and Backlight
    Backlit KB is permanent, no adjustment either. Volume and brightness hotkeys work fine.

    I checked it, works fine, sent photos to my HTC Thunderbolt problem-free.

    Works out of the box. (See Below)

    Make sure to use the Proprietary drivers for the Broadcom chipset.
    System>Administration>Additional Drivers

    Intel HD Graphics 3000
    *Not sure or aware of any problems. So far so good, using Ubuntu Classic Desktop.

    Works flawlessly, I have heard of some issues with multiple monitors.

    I will update this when people let me know what they are having problems with at this time.

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