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Thread: Unity - I love it, so far.

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    Lightbulb Unity - I love it, so far.

    Unity is awesome.

    What I like:

    + Fast, simple and sexy.

    + Works great so far. Sure, a bit buggy at times, but it's getting there.

    + I didn't like Gnome-Shell with the new Gnome, that I tried out from a USB stick. I kinda got lost with it. To me, as a user coming from Windows and OSX, this feels "right".

    + Something fresh. I know a lot of ppl (mostly the geeky kind on those tech-savy forums) don't like the idea of Canonical not using G3 and Shell, but I do. A lot of ppl were against having prop. software on Ubuntu or being able to download it from within. I liked the idea. A lot of ppl don't mind all the tearing Compiz has and how buggy (in a dozen cases on my testing side) it is with certain hardware. I do. So, I am often the opposite, but that's fine. I represent the "normal" user, switching from other mainstream OS's

    + 2D version. THIS is nice. A good way to ensure everyone can use it.

    What I don't like:

    - Based off of Compiz. I just hate Compiz. Sure, neat effects, but I find it slow, buggy and teary most of the time (NOT so in Unity/11.04, talking about older versions here). I have had SO many headaches with it and it was the reason why ppl came to me for Ubuntu and the reason ppl left it. I don't like their forums, either. I wish Wayland the best of luck!

    - Can't move it around. I would like to have this at the bottom of the screen, like on seven.

    Tha's all. So, keep it going, Canonical! Thanks.

    Now, for the near future, give me a movie-store, some prop. software (or some pushing of big Open Source alternative projects, GIMP, KDENLIVE etc.) to load from the Software-Center and two or three majors games (money can buy almost everything) for Ubuntu/Linux and I am sold for sure.

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