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Thread: Issues with rtorrent and rutorrent

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    Issues with rtorrent and rutorrent

    I now have rtorrent and rutorrent up and running. I have 3 problems though:

    1) Slow uploadspeeds, I have yet to try downloadspeeds.

    2) I get this errormessage:
    Web-server can't access rTorrent's session directory for read. ruTorrent will not work. (/media/ananas/rtorrent/session/)
    I have tried chmod 777 to all the relevant folders.

    3) When "Don't Download" is selected, it seems to do nothing. I have some torrents that I wish to seed parts of. I have set the other parts as don't download, yet they remain at XX% and in download-state forever. It should become 100% complete and begin to seed. There seems to be a lot of tickets submitted regarding this, ranging from years ago to recently and they have all been closed without a solution.

    I have found a fourth minor issue:
    4) When "Show categories on startup" is unchecked, I can not pull the windowpanels at all. When it is checked and the left panel appears, the right panels can be changed in height again. Unchecking it and removing the left panel causes the right panels to be locked in height.

    Other relevant information: Running 64bit ubuntu Desktop 10.04 LTS, rtorrent 0.8.6/0.12.6 and rutorrent 3.0
    Is it easier to update than it was to install everything to begin with?
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