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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 - Remap Scroll-Tilt function

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    Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 - Remap Scroll-Tilt function

    Stupid long mouse name.

    Well, I have a little issue here: I want to make my scroll wheel tilt go back and forth on pages, folders, anywhere I wish.
    But I can't remap it! It's set by default to Scroll left and Right. In a world that webpages can resize to fit on the screen (and with the habit of using the horizontal scroll on documents and), the default setting doesn't make me happy.

    There's a thumb button, a forever-alone one, that goes back one page. On windows, it calls the Flip3D, so I remapped it (on Compiz Config) to call the Shift Switcher (Super-Tab to few).
    Now I miss a Go-Back button =( But can't let go the Shift Switcher shortcut (SO cool when you're using the mouse on your belly and want to swap windows like a boss)

    I can map Mouse6 and Mouse7 (the scroll-tilt buttons) to anything else on CompizConfig under "Commands", but I don't know how's called the Back and Forth commands.

    So here am I =)

    Looks simple and probably someone did that before, but I couldn't find it.. I'll be waiting for an answer

    Thank you

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