A few months ago I managed to find in some post a reference to an open source mathcad alternative project. I was wondering if someone here may know what I am looking for.

For those of you who do not mathcad it is not mathlab/octave/scilab like, nor is it a CAS such as wxMaxima. What it is, is page layout equation editor on steroids. The equations defined look like the equation editor equivalent, but with the ability to define variables and perform calculations (with also some numerical solver capabilities). There are some ties to Maple libraries that lets one do symbolic processing also, but the real power is easily defining equations (even using matrix variables) that both calculate and are nice to display. It is the ideal tool for a teacher or TA who wishes to produce nice solutions to questions without doing all the work two or three times to do the calculations and the publishing.

I did find an open source project like this once. I just don't remember the name and cannot seem to find the bookmarks.

So if somebody can point me to the right direction without the usual references to mathlab and Maxima it would be greatly appreciated.