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Thread: Flash 10.2 horribly slow

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    Flash 10.2 horribly slow

    So Flash 10.2 is finally out, and because of Adobe's "flashplugin-installer", it was pulled in when I messed around with some packages. To cut to the point, it is slow. On a simple web page such as this:

    I can watch the flash objects flicker when I scroll. I can actually see a gray box when I load certain YouTube videos, whereas with the old one it would load immediately. Finally, even though I have only had it installed for a few days, I just got my first crash.

    I'm on Linux Mint Debian, but I doubt it would be any different on anything else.

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    Re: Flash 10.2 horribly slow

    I have the exact same problems. Including grey boxes on all sorts of flash based things if i switch tabs and go back. I also get lag on things that used to run smoothly. I guess all i can do is hope for an update soon...


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